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Help! My contact is stuck in my eye!

I'm not really sure if this is an appropriate post for this group, but I need help!! If it isn't just nicely say so and I will remove the post.

Earlier tonight I tried putting my contact lens in. The stupid thing folded was stuck folded under my eyelid, so my first instinct foolishly, was to rub it and freak out. The pain went away, and it disappeared. It didn't even fall out I don't think...I think I would have felt it, if it *had* fallen out.

I've tried,
flushing my eye with saline. Nothing

Pulling my lid over the lower one and moving my eye around

Had someone look under my lid and they saw absolutely nothing that resembles the MIA lens.

I guess I will go to sleep tonight, and if it isn't resolved go straight to the doctors...but I'm also worried about HOW they will remove it if they cannot even see it! Has anyone ever had to get one removed? I don't want a needle in my eye!

Grr. you know when I got contacts about a month ago, I was never even warned about this. They spouted about how happy I was going to be and everything. I didn't even get a care pamphlet. Thank you Walmart Vision Dept.
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