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Ow do,

Where to start... well, for the majority of my child\teenage years I was a glasses wearer, I can't remember childhood without glasses. I suffered from short sightedness, with it getting progressively worse in my right eye through time.

When I was around 15, I started to look into the option of contact lenses and eventually started on a trial of dailies, which I enjoyed but found to be pretty fiddly. Eventually I went onto monthlies, which for a short period of time I really enjoyed.

Around 17, I was finding contacts to be a nightmare. My eyes were frequently dry, night vision would be appauling (halos, glaring etc). I wound up rubbing my eyes a lot. For the following four years I reverted back to my glasses, only ever going back to contact lenses for playing gigs and various other things glasses didn't seem appriopriate\couldn't possibly survive. Normally, directly after this, I'd hack them out and revert back to glasses.

Around Christmas last year, my mam announced she had booked me into an appointment to looking into getting laser eye surgery. I'd briefly considered it before, but had never felt overly compelled to look too far into it. Nevertheless, I went for the appointment, where they examined my eyes to make sure they were alright and told me I was fit to have the surgery. Not thinking too far into it (like most my decisions in life) I agreed to go with LASIK surgery.

At the end of Janurary this year, I had the treatment done. The surgery itself was pretty crazy, as was the drive home and my inability to open my eyes. A day later, I could see perfectly and was happily watching TV (probably destroying my vision once again).

Six months down the line, my vision is perfect. I suffered from quite bad halos and glare after the surgery, but these have since mostly worn off. For the first five months I felt like I was constantly swamping my eyes with drops, but the dryness has since ceased, and I normally only put some eye solution in once a day after waking - sometimes I don't even do that.

I've probably waffled a bit more than I should've there, but you get the idea. I would've included what sort of contacts I used, or what vision I had, but all that information has since been destroyed or given away.
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